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In recent times, the meaning of home textiles has undergone great expansion due to the introduction of large home textiles. Both in China and abroad, Towels, Bedding, Kitchen, Curtains, Art, Carpeting, Handkerchiefs, Thread, Bags, and Velvet are becoming increasingly prominent. Eurofins possesses advanced testing equipment in addition to professional experience and skills for providing you with comprehensive home textile testing, consulting and certification services.

  • Towels - Hand towels, bath towel, towel coverlets, beach towels and other bath textiles.
  • Bedding - All bedding, including mosquito nets.
  • Kitchen - Kitchen and dining table textiles (including tablecloths and placemats)
  • Curtains - Various types window and decorative curtains, including tassels and tiebacks.
  • Art - Various types of cloth art, embroidery, fabric furniture, decorations, cushions and lace.
  • Carpeting - Various types of carpeting, including carpets and rugs made from cotton, wool, and synthetic fibers.
  • Handkerchiefs - Various types of handkerchiefs and scarves.
  • Thread - Various types of sewing thread, embroidery thread and ribbons.
  • Bags - Various types of cloth bags (excluding to industrial bags).
  • Velvet - Various types of flocking fabric (commonly used abroad in home textiles).